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Asterial builds products and invests in startups engaged in solving problems of a mass scale.

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Millions of people across the globe are embracing the power of digital technology for the first time, thanks to inexpensive internet data and deep penetration of the smartphone. 

The ongoing pandemic has forced us to relook at how we function. From Education to Finance to Healthcare, businesses in India and around the world have undergone a significant business transformation.

Every crisis gives rise to an opportunity. Some things will never be the same again.

About Asterial

Asterial is an early-stage startup in the field of technology-enabled platforms and solutions.

Our goal is to simplify modern-day problems, impacting millions of users, with the help of technology. We believe that technology is a strong enabler in solving time, cost-intensive, and hard-to-reach activities in several walks of lives including Education, HR,  Finance and Healthcare to name a few.

Our aspiration is the continuously innovate and create new products that are accessible to a mass market. We challenge the status-quo and question every assumption before reimagining solutions that solve several of these problems.

Asterial is also an early-stage investor, mentor and sounding board to several other startups led by passionate individuals that share a common vision just like us. 

About Us

Our Products


Our flagship product, Findemy builds Financial Literacy in Indian kids aged 8-14 years. Financial Literacy is a core life skill, like several others and teaching kids at an early age will empower them to make sound money management decisions and enjoy financial freedom as they grow older.

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Our Products

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